70+ Advent Calendar Ideas for the boyfriend or husband

70+ Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Him (Boyfriend/Husband)

Update: The original advent calendar list was from 2015. I’ve recently updated this to include advent calendar ideas for 2023 and will be continuously adding as ideas come.

I have a tradition in my house. Every year, I do an advent calendar of small wrapped gifts for my boyfriend, now husband. I always struggled with what to put in the advent calendars so I started making a list. It’s now grown over the years and we’ve found these would also work as small things to put in advent calendars for adults.

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It’s no secret that we love advent calendars in our house. We started this tradition in our house over five years ago and still maintain it every year.

Over the years I went from making refillable advent calendars like a beer advent calendar for my boyfriend, who is now my husband, to making DIY advent calendars for my daughter.

DIY Beer advent calendar using Pringles containers

If you are looking for advent calendar fillers or stocking stuffers for your kids, here’s a list that is grouped by age. Some of the items here might even make a good gag gift or be a great nostalgia piece for him!

Teenagers at home? Check out our ultimate list of 90+ Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Teens.

What type of Advent Calendar should I get for him?

The first year that I put together an advent calendar for him, I just wrapped each item individually.

The next year, I made a beer calendar advent calendar (seen above).


I also like the wooden advent calendars you can get from Homesense or Amazon but keep in mind that these advent calendars can’t hold very much and usually can only hold very small items.

If you have a Cricut and choose to go the DIY route, you can make an advent calendar out of toilet paper rolls.

How do I fill the Advent Calendar?

You can prepare the Advent Calendar in whatever works best for you!

The first year that I made an advent calendar for my boyfriend, I actually did small wrapped gifts with gift tags that were numbered so he knew which day to open each one.

I included a little handwritten note describing why I was selected for that day’s particular gift.

As time passed and he became my husband and we had kids, I found I had less and less time to do such elaborate advent calendars.

So one year, I made him a beer advent calendar out of Pringles cans, one year I made an advent calendar using my toilet paper rolls and my Cricut, and now I mostly prepare advent calendars for my children (he still gets lots of nice gifts though!).


I’ve always struggled with what to put in advent calendars so I started jotting down all of the things I could come up with. The list has really grown over the years!

  1. Socks (Pair of socks, multiples, etc). He ALWAYS seems to need socks.
  2. Underwear: Boxers/Briefs (just like socks, they can always use new underwear), this brand is the best
  3. 6 Pack of his favourite beer
  4. A digital Christmas movie to watch (think redemption vouchers)
  5. A handwritten love note
  6. His favourite chocolate
  7. Fleece pants to wear in the house
  8. Hot chocolate (packets or container)
  9. Kinder Surprise Eggs (There are Mickey Mouse ones that are really cute this year (2015), or other themed ones – Minion ones are around too)
  10. Tea bags or coffee beans (depending on his preference)
  11. Trail Mix (great if he works in an office and packs as a great snack)
  12. Love coupons – preferably homemade, or more racey ones here
  13. Portable Sriracha
  14. Lip balm – Burt’s Bees is our favourite!
  15. A message in a bottle (craft stores/dollar stores have small cork bottles)
  16. 2-player board games – here is a list of our favourites
  17. A pack of cards
  18. Gum/mint (great for the car or for his meetings or interviews)
  19. Earbuds
  20. A warm hat
  21. Gloves (for the car)
  22. Travel size mouthwash
  23. Deodorant
  24. Pocket Knife
  25. Shoe Polish
  26. Beef Jerky
  27. Knife sharpening kit
  28. Bandaids (the cartoon ones are cute)
  29. Car mount for a cellphone (this one is the one I’ve had for the last 2 years)
  30. Air freshener for the car
  31. Sporks – great for his packed lunch
  32. Pocket Packable backpack
  33. Playstation Plus/Xbox Gold – if he’s a gamer
  34. Bottle Opener
  35. Portable Flash Drive / SD card
  36. An axe to cut wood for the fireplace (no really, he requested this)
  37. Travel mug
  38. Sunglasses
  39. Hand cream
  40. A massage bar – this one from Lush smells really nice
  41. Silicone Loofah
  42. Gift cards (e.g. I bought a $5 one to the coffee shop we first went to)
  43. An e-Reader/portable tablet (the smaller ones are great if he takes the subway/train for commuting)
  44. Microfiber cleaning cloth
  45. Fishing gear
  46. Camping gear
  47. Magazine subscription
  48. A monthly subscription box (e.g. Dollar Shave Club)
  49. Books
  50. A tie, bowtie or cufflinks
  51. Tide-to-go
  52. Movie tickets
  53. Sleep mask
  54. Book (Reading) light
  55. Razor cartridges
  56. Cell phone chargers (really, where do these always disappear to?)
  57. Snack-size Pringles
  58. Mini bubble bath
  59. Money clip
  60. Nail clippers/Manicure Set
  61. Coffee cup/mug (this mug is hilarious if he works in an office)
  62. Vitamins
  63. Cough drops
  64. Mini kleenex packs
  65. Batteries
  66. Lego/Knex (for the kid in all of us)
  67. Pez
  68. A healthy snack – fruit (apples/oranges should last the month)
  69. Lint brush roller – for homes with pets
  70. A homemade CD/playlist with songs that remind you of him
  71. Hot rod snack pack
  72. A lanyard for his keys
  73. Floss
  74. Sneaker Balls (deodorizes shoes)
  75. A flask – engrave to customize
  76. Guitar picks
  77. Seeds to plant in the spring
  78. Lottery ticket
  79. Fidget spinners
  80. Mini Rubiks cube
  81. Multipurpose tool card
  82. Keychain Screwdriver Tool
  83. Limited Edition mailing stamps (find at your local post office)
  84. Candles
  85. Personalized Christmas Ornament (you can make one using ceramic tiles found at the hardware store, or buy a personalized one on Amazon)
  86. Gingerbread making kit
  87. No-tie Shoelaces (I first saw these for kids, but they make them for adults too!)
  88. Cologne (if you’re cheap like me, get one of the trial packs from your department store or this set on Amazon)
  89. Condoms
  90. Pocket Q-tips
  91. Couples keychains (These are great for Valentine’s day too)
  92. Wallet insert card if he travels a lot and you want him to think of you
  93. Whisky Stones
  94. Popsockets
  95. LCD writing tablet (aka Boogie Board)
  96. A toy or can of food for his pet (if he has one)
  97. Kid-sized box of cereal
  98. Spotify Glass (keychain version or small frame)
  99. Beard oil/balm
  100. A can of pop
  101. House slippers or reading socks
  102. Adult vitamins
  103. Pocket massager gun
  104. Bookmark
  105. Art supplies
  106. Mad libs for adults
  107. Drink coasters
  108. Pocket Emergency weather radio
  109. Poo-Pourri
  110. Dude Wipes
  111. Tile Finder (for when he loses keys, wallet, or himself)
  112. Jewelry
  113. Hairbrush/comb
  114. Mini Christmas Quiz
  115. Personalized hot chocolate spoon
  116. Shaped pasta (So many different varieties! Like these hockey ones)
  117. Wireless Camera Remotes for phones
  118. Essential oils
  119. Wellness juice shots
  120. Air sanitizer
  121. Mini Newton’s Cradle
  122. An art print
  123. Whoopie Cushion
  124. Mini Dart Board

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