Best Gifts for Moms 2020

Moms usually have the hardest job of all and most are just looking for a break. Whether the mom you are buying for is a working mom, a stay at home mom, athletic mom, or techie mom, we’ve got you covered.

These gift ideas are great for valentines day, mother’s day or her birthday so don’t forget to save this page and come back to it when you have any excuse to show mom how much you appreciate her. These gifts can also be purchased last minute since they are all readily available on Amazon.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for dad, take a look at our long Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for him for some!

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Best gifts for the working mom

Tile mate

I couldn’t decide where to put this since I feel like all parents should have this, but I decided that since a working mom is always on the run, that causes her to forget where she leaves things. Luckily for all of us moms, Tile exists. Find where you (or your active toddler) put your car keys, your phone, pretty much anything important.

Tile also has a new feature called “community find” where you can recruit the entire tile community to locate your tile based on the apps loaded in their phones.

Wireless Earbuds

For the busy mom that is always on the go, wireless earbuds allow mom to listen to podcasts, audio books or take conference calls on the go. Get these for mom and then give her call to tell her how much you love and appreciate her!


I first found out about this at a conference from another mom. Think of it as a portable whiteboard that you can scan and automatically upload to your online cloud. Rocketbook does all of this seamlessly. I’ve been debating on getting one myself but considering I take mostly voice memos and make notes directly in my Google drive, I’m not sure I would give it the love it deserves.


I loved having a diffuser in my office. So did many of my coworkers. People frequently stopped by to sit and chat and enjoy the different essential oil scents. I truly believe it helped people relax. Just be careful if you are purchasing this for moms that have strict office policies and have fragrance-free work environments.

Best gifts for the stay at home mom

Roomba (or any other cleaning service)

If you really want to buy her affection, get her a Roomba. She will love you to the moon and back (don’t get me wrong, she already does, but she will make another trip with this). Though some moms enjoy cleaning (and may very well be therapeutic when your day is otherwise filled with cleaning up after everyone), this will buy mom a few hours a week. Which could be otherwise spent reading a book, or, my preferred way to spend an extra few hours, a nap.

Amazon Prime Membership

There will be days that mom will not want to leave the house. Or maybe mom would rather avoid the outbursts that are bound to happen is she takes the kids for a trip to Toys r us (Canada) or the toy section at Target. An Amazon Prime membership (if she doesn’t already have one) saves so much time and headache and mom can even order some grocery items for dinner.

Best gifts for the athletic mom

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is fashionable piece for the athletic mom while also being practical. With Alexa and Spotify built into this version, mom can listen to her favourite songs while out for a run, track the lack of sleep they are probably getting, and see how much running around they have done in their day-to-day. It’s the perfect way to remind mom how hard she is working and how much you appreciate it.

Compression Socks

Though typically used only recommended by doctors or if you’re a trainer, compression socks have grown in popularity over the last decade for good reason. They support proper blood flow to the feet, provide support for the ankle, assist with recovery after exercise and alleviate pain due to numerous conditions. The product is listed to benefit the following: nurses and doctors, stylists, teachers, chefs, jobs that require you on your feet. Hey, aren’t these just a handful of the jobs moms do?

Foam Roller

I still remember the first time I used a foam roller. It was painful and then glorious. It made me realize that I could feel as good as I feel after a massage in my own home. It helped relieve sore muscles from work out, or just a long day sitting in an office all day long. Every mom should have one. But the athletic mom should definitely have one as it as the additional benefit of aiding in their workout routines.

Ring Fit Adventure

*requires Nintendo Switch (but hey, moms have kids so they likely have a Switch already) If you don’t, get one for your kid for Christmas here.

Fitness games aren’t new but the Ring Fit actually makes it fun and challenging to work out. You actually plan an adventure game where you level up your character by defeating monsters using real life fitness exercises. It’s fun for the whole family and has been so highly reviewed.

Best gift for the techie mom

Smart Garage Door Opener

You’re probably wondering why I have a garage door opener listed. This doesn’t just open your garage. This sends alerts to your phone if the door is left open by, you know, dad or the kids. It also lets you close it remotely if it was accidentally left open. It also allows you to use your garage as a package delivery drop-off (assuming you haven’t left any other valuables you would be concerned about in the garage). You can also share access with guests like dad, or the grandparents.

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