How to make Bitmoji Stickers Using Cricut

Bitmoji Stickers on Cricut

Bitmoji stickers are perfect for teachers looking for personalized sticker solutions. It is a super easy project to make on your Cricut and perfect for beginners!

My daughter loves stickers. On everything. So naturally making them on my Cricut is awesome since I can make them on demand. Learn how you can make kiss-cut stickers or die-cut stickers using your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2 below!

In this tutorial, I’ve linked to the most cost-effective materials for this project as well as go over a few different options for different types of stickers you can make with your Cricut.

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  • Transfer Tape | Do NOT use Cricut Transfer tape for this project.
  • Sticker Paper | I like using mailing labels because they are A LOT more cost-effective

Get other free SVG design files (available in my free resource library – get the password by filling out the form on the sidebar or below).


If you’d rather watch a video on how to make it step by step, take a look at this video here (highly recommended!):


Create a Bitmoji account on your phone.

You can download the app here: Apple Store | Play Store

Create your Bitmoji in the app.

TIP // Go to the Settings (top right corner) and go to Change Avatar Style > Bitmoji Deluxe for more customization options.


Send yourself the Bitmoji stickers you want to use. You can either download it (Save icon at the end of the Bitmoji) or send it to yourself via e-mail or on a cloud drive.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: Send yourself the file


Before we upload our stickers to Cricut Design Space, we need to make some modifications to our stickers so Cricut cuts along the edges instead of just cutting out square stickers.

Upload your Bitmoji into Pixlr which is a free photo editing tool that does not require you to download or install any other program. I love doing quick edits in this program!

Use the magic wand tool to remove the background.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: remove the background

Make the canvas bigger (Image > Canvas Size) so the next step won’t cause our stickers to be cut off.

Go to Edit > Stroke and then adjust the size of the stroke to make it big enough to cover any empty spots in the middle of your sticker.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: add a stroke

Download the file by going to File > Save and download it as a PNG file.


Now we need to create our sticker sheet in Cricut Design Space.

Create a Print then Cut template by making a rectangle 6.75 x 9.25 large.

Move the layers around until it’s in the back. We are using this as a template only and are not cutting this out.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: make your sticker template

Arrange your stickers by moving them around or if you are making a full sheet of the same sticker, you can use this trick.

Duplicate however many stickers you want in a ROW.

Drag one of the stickers to the far right side.

Select all stickers and go to Align > Align Top. And then Align > Distribute Horizontally. Your stickers should now all be equally spaced in a row.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: make a full sheet of stickers

Group the stickers in the same row.

Let’s make more rows!

Duplicate the GROUP of stickers into as many as you think will fit.

Drag one row to the bottom of the page (don’t worry about aligning it manually).

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: sticker sheet alignment

Select all sticker groups.

Go to Align > Align Left and then Align > Distribute Vertically.

Boom! You should have a full sticker sheet now that is perfectly aligned.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: completed sticker sheet

Finally, make sure you Attach all of the stickers so they don’t move when you go to cut it out.

Before we cut it out, don’t forget to delete the Background layer or make it invisible by clicking on the eye icon so Cricut doesn’t try to cut it out.


Follow the prompts on your Cricut to print your sticker sheet. See the materials section for my recommendation on sticker paper.

AFTER you print it on the printer and BEFORE you cut out your stickers, add a layer of transfer paper on top to give it a layer of protection.

Alternatively, you can also spray it with a clear coating instead. I just always have transfer paper lying around and it was easier for me to use that instead of going outside to spray my sheet.

For this step, the Cricut Transfer Paper will not be good for this project because the clear part of the transfer paper has a grid on it. You will need transfer paper that is clear with no patterns or grids on it.

Place the transfer paper on top of your sticker sheet.

How to make Bitmoji Stickers: cut out sticker sheet

Cut it out!

I used the “Clear Printable Paper Sticker” setting which gave it a kiss-cut. (A kiss-cut is essentially a sticker sheet that you peel stickers off of.)

You may need to play with the settings here depending on the type of sticker paper you are using and the type of transfer paper you are using.

The safest way to “play around with the settings” is to always start on a lighter setting like the clear printable paper sticker setting and then running it through your Cricut multiple times WITHOUT unloading the mat.

(Watch my Youtube video above if you aren’t sure what I mean.)

For a die-cut sticker, try the Heavy cardstock setting.


How to make Bitmoji Stickers: completed stickers

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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