Let’s talk Mood Boards

5 customizable mood board templates

Hello lovelies,

I’m excited to release my first digital product in over 3 years! Following up with my post from earlier this week where I provided a free mood board template, I’ve created five more for you to play with. These ones are available in my shop or on Etsy.

I’ve also put together an instructional video to help those using any of my mood boards. They’re so much fun to use and make and I’ll likely be sharing some mood boards weekly that I’ve created as well. Please do let me know what you think and let me know if you use them to make any mood boards. I’d love to see what people come with.

Below I’ve posted some information for those who are completely new to mood boards. Send me a message if you have any questions!

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a collection of images, assets, patterns, and colours to create a mood or to provide inspiration. Mood boards are commonly used as style guides.

Why should you use a mood board?

Mood board are pretty popular among bloggers and you can normally find them in blog posts. Mood boards can be found in the fashion and design industry to anyone planning an event or in need of inspiration. CreativBloq lists 7 reasons why you should use a mood board and why its worth the time.

If you’re looking at rebranding your website, they are extremely useful in establishing the colours and feel of the website. Mood boards save tons of time and are a casual draw-up without investing too much energy to get an idea of what clients are looking for.

I’ve used them many times when creating themes for weddings. Mood boards are nice and quick to draw up a theme to see if I’m on the right page with a client.

And finally, they’re just fun to make!

So how do I get one?

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