The List


If you’ve read about me, you’ll notice that I have a large variety of interests. I write about a lot of subjects, but the list is ever-growing and evolving. So here I present to you all of the blog and personal goals I have that I am actively working towards completing.

Last updated: February 9, 2016


Read and understand a book in Romanian
Read 500 books (using Goodreads to track)
Learn how to ballroom dance
Learn how to Salsa dance
Learn how to properly use my DSLR
Learn how to watercolour paint
Crochet a Pusheen doll
Cook a dish from each of the following cuisines: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French
Make macarons


Travel to Greece
Travel to Australia
Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower  Done September 2015
Have fresh bread in Italy
Go on a cruise
Go on an all-inclusive trip
See the northern lights
Go horseback riding
Play bingo (in a real bingo place)
Take a hot air balloon ride
Visit an aquarium  02/07/2016

Get a dog
Get married
Have children
Have a garden
Move into a new house
Write a novel

Write and sell an e-book
Write a guide to getting self-published
Create and sell t-shirt designs
Write a children’s book

Get 100,000 views in a month on Pocket Wonders
Attend a blogger conference
Make $100 a month blogging
Have 100 (11/01/2016) 500 Twitter Followers
Have 100 500 Pinterest Followers
Have 100 (02/08/2016) 500 Youtube Subscribers
Have 100 Facebook Followers

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