Yoto Player vs Yoto Mini: Which one should you get?

After owning and spending time with both the original Yoto player, Yoto Player 3rd Gen, and the Yoto mini, I’ve taken some time to review the Yoto mini and do a comparison of both players. Keep scrolling for my Yoto mini review and to find out all of the differences between the Yoto player and the Yoto mini.

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What is a Yoto Mini player?

Yoto has created the perfect modern-day children’s audio player. We love the Yoto player in our house so when we heard that the Yoto Mini, a smaller, more compact version of Yoto’s loved audio player was released, we knew we had to buy it.

Yoto mini bundle

Differences between the Yoto Mini and Yoto Player

Yoto Size

One of the most obvious things is that the Yoto mini is smaller in size.

Yoto and Yoto mini side by side size comparison

The screen size on the Yoto mini is drastically smaller than the Yoto player as it’s only 1/4 of the face of the player compared to the Yoto player.

Icons appear much smaller here but are still distinguishable so kids are still able to see their beloved pictures.

Sound Quality

Though the Yoto mini is smaller, it somehow packs more sound.

The Yoto mini is noticeably louder than its predecessor and the sound appears to be clearer (but it could just be me).


The Yoto mini is about as durable as the Yoto player.

An Adventure Jacket feels like a requirement for the Yoto mini while I find it is optional with the Yoto player depending on how rough your kids are. Since our Yoto player stays on our nightstand and acts as a bedtime companion, we didn’t need an adventure jacket for extra protection.

Yoto mini with pink jacket next to Yoto

With how much the Yoto mini is handled, an adventure jacket is definitely needed to protect the mini from the inevitable moments it will be dropped.

Button Layout

One clever thing that Yoto did was they kept the same button layout and functions.

If you’ve previously owned a Yoto player, understanding how to use the Yoto mini is a breeze.

It comes with two orange dials that are all you need to operate the Yoto mini in the exact same fashion as the Yoto Player.

They kept the power button on the same side and the original Yoto and the audio jack on the same side as the original Yoto as well.

Yoto button layout

The only thing that was moved was the speakers.

The Yoto has its main speakers on either side while the Yoto mini has a main speaker in the front.

Charging Cables

Both Yotos come with charging cables. Both the Yoto Player (3rd Gen) and Yoto Mini come with a USB-C to USB-A charger. You will need a power adapter to plug it into an outlet.

You can also purchase a wireless charging dock separately for the Yoto Player (3rd Gen).

We love that both Yotos are powered by USB-C chargers since we have tons of these cables in our house already.

We also love using the wireless charger for our Yoto Player (3rd Gen) since it’s easier for our kids to use.


The Yoto player comes with a cool LED strip that lights up in different colours (you can set the colours in the Yoto app). The Yoto mini isn’t really meant to be a bedside companion so it doesn’t have a nightlight function.

Bluetooth Headphone Support

The original Yoto player didn’t have a compatible chipset to allow Bluetooth syncing with wireless headphones.

The Yoto mini currently supports a beta version that allows Bluetooth syncing with headphones and the Yoto Player (3rd Gen) has full Bluetooth support for headphones.

Both Yotos can be used with Bluetooth to be played as a speaker by sending audio through a phone.

Temperature Sensor

The Yoto Player (3rd Gen) has a built-in temperature sensor (similar to what you would find on baby monitors these days). Yoto plans to add features for this in the future.

The Yoto mini and previous models of the Yoto player DO NOT come with temperature sensors.

Yoto Comparison Table

We’ve also thoroughly reviewed the 2nd Gen Yoto Player and 3rd Gen Yoto Player if you are looking for more information on each of those.

Do the Yoto player and Yoto mini use the same cards?

Yes, the Yoto player and Yoto mini use the same cards to play audio files.

This allows cards to be shared between both players (and kids), though it may not stop them from fighting over them!

You CAN get around siblings fighting over cards by copying a card onto a Make-your-own card (linking it) or by playing the audio from the Yoto app while the other card is in use.

What other content can the Yoto mini play?

Just like its bigger brother, the Yoto mini can play audio cards, podcasts, radio stations, and has access to the same Yoto timers and white noise options through the Yoto app.

Beyond the cards available in the Yoto store, we’ve compiled a list of where you can find some free audio content for your Make-Your-Own cards.

Can you use the Yoto Mini without Wi-Fi?

Yes, just like the Yoto Player, the Yoto mini can be used without Wi-Fi.

Cards need to be downloaded onto the Yoto mini beforehand. This can be done by plugging the Yoto mini into the charger and leaving it on overnight without any cards in it. The progress can be seen in the Yoto app.

Accessories for the Yoto Mini

Yoto Accessories

Must-have accessories

Clever Yoto card storage ideas

Yoto card holder via TheFoxandtheKing

Yoto Waistband Clip and Crossbody Strap

If you’re on the move with your Yoto, this crossbody strap holder from Etsy is a great way to secure your Yoto mini while you dance.

Should I get the Yoto Player or Yoto Mini?

We follow a lot of Montessori principles in our house and the Yoto has been a wonderful screen-free addition to provide our children entertainment beyond playing with their toys.

We love having both the Yoto Player and the Yoto mini.

They serve different purposes in our house with the Yoto player acting as a bedside companion while the Yoto mini is great for travel and car rides.

Yotos with adventure jackets

If you can only choose one, however, go for the Yoto mini. It offers almost everything the Yoto Player does in a travel-friendly form. Just make sure you pick up an Adventure Jacket to protect it from the inevitable drops and falls.

Still not sure? Read my Yoto player review to get a more in-depth view of the original player.

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