Best toys for your 6 month old for 2020

Can you believe your baby is already 6 months old? Your little one is beginning to communicate with you and will be starting solids. At six months, your baby may already be sitting unassisted and ready to start interacting with objects and toys. With so many toys out there, it can be hard to know what is appropriate for a six month old, and what toys would even like to play with. I’ve listed some of my daughter’s favourites when she was six month old as well as the reasoning behind why they are on this list.

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Busy Learning Tool Bench

My daughter has an older version of this tool bench that is no longer produced but these tool benches are so fun for them around the 6 month mark. She loved pulling her hammer off of the bench, pushing things down and moving the slider back and forth. She figured those things out in that exact order.

Fisher-Price Classic Infant Trio

You’ll see this mentioned on other lists but this bundle really is the most basic and fun thing for your infant. The rock-a-stack was one of the earlier toys Olivia played with. She had so much fun removing all the rings (and chewing on them) and the top ring doubles as a shaker (which was probably why she played with that one the most).

The shape sorting bin was the next toy she played with. At the earlier months (approx 6 – 8 months), she would love just dumping out the shapes for you to clean up. When she got a little older (approx 9-10 months), she actually likes cleaning up and has fun putting the shapes back in the container.

The xylophone is a toy that I’ve been having more fun playing. She just likes to put the stick in her mouth for now.

Stacking Cups

Any set of stacking cups are great and provide hours of versatile fun but out of the few sets that we had, I liked the IKEA MULA Stack & Nest cups the best. These particular stacking cups have different pattern holes on the bottom which are great for bath play. They also stack in three different ways (the first show in the product picture and the second would be upside down without the black top piece, and the third in funky combinations using two adjacent pieces). We spent many hours with Olivia knocking these down and having mommy reset them.

Wooden Blocks Set

In the coming months, babies will love stacking things (see stacking cups above). A wooden blocks set will stay with them for a long time and bring hours of staking enjoyment. When kids get older, they can use them for pretend play too, building houses, bridges, etc. Perfect for that little architect.

Sophie the Giraffe

At 6 months, your little ones teeth will soon be coming in. Sophie is the number one selling teether toy for good reason. The face and ears are great for the front teeth and the legs are great to get to the back for the molars. The neck makes it easy for your little one to grab and it squeaks which helps with their motor skills.

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