Cricut Glass Mother’s Day Plaque on Subway Tile

This easy beginner’s Cricut project is so fun and inexpensive to make. It only takes about 20-30 minutes from start to finish and uses minimal materials for a big impact. This plaque is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift or for her birthday. You could even customize the text to say Grandmother, Aunt, or even Dad.

These plaques have an elegant look and the base is a subway tile that you can find at your local home hardware store. I’ve listed all the resource links below.

This design method could also be transferred over to making t-shirts, or even used on curved surfaces like candles or tumblers. If you are a small business owner, these plaques sell like hot cakes!

The best thing about the project is that they leave such an impression and yet are so simple to make – perfect if you just purchased a Cricut and have no idea where to start.

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If you’d rather watch a video on how to make it step by step, take a look at this video here (highly recommended!):


The fonts used in this project are:

MOMTimes New Roman (You should already have this installed as it is a basic font)

Script NamesI Love Glitter (FREE – personal use only) | I Love Glitter ($8 -Commercial licence)

You need to purchase a commercial licence if you plan on selling these in any capacity.

Download your font.

Unzip your font and install it. (Usually just by double-clicking the zip file to unzip and double click your font to install it).

If you do not have a program installed on your computer to unzip, I recommend 7-zip. (It’s free! Windows only)


If your Cricut Design Space was already open when you installed your font, EXIT OUT of the program and re-open it. This will update the font library.

In Cricut Design Space, start by creating a guide.

Select the Square shape.

Click the unlock button so you can make it a rectangle.

Change the size to 11.6 x 2.75.

Change the layer so it is a lighter colour (which will allow you to see the text overlays better.

Select the text tool.

Write MOM and select Times New Roman as the font.

My setting for font-size: 220

Add a new text layer and set the font to I Love Glitter.

Type the names and you can join them by using the two characters “_” (outline heart) or “|” (filled in heart). The end swashes are “[“ and “]”.

Cricut will default text letter spacing to 1.2. This is why your letters are not touching. Since we want the text joined, we need to adjust this.

My setting for the script names:

Letter Spacing: -0.5

Font Size: 72

Center your fonts on your base template.

Click on the “eye” on the Square layer to make it invisible (so it would try to make this cut).


Now it is time for us to cut it out on the Cricut!

Put your vinyl on the mat. You can just cut out enough of it to place on the mat.

Tip: Always use a roller or your scraper to smooth out the vinyl on your mat. This will help stop it from rising in the middle of the cut.

I needed approx. 1.5″ x 12″ of white vinyl.

I needed approx. 2.75″x 10″ of black vinyl.

Make sure your machine is set to “vinyl“.


Now we need to weed our vinyl. (This basically means removing the parts we don’t want to use.)

I liked to start from the corner to get the bigger piece off and then use my weeding tools to get the smaller bits.


Now we can assemble it and transfer our vinyl to our subway tile.

You can use transfer paper, dollar store contact paper, or even painters tape to transfer your vinyl. I used transfer paper and painter’s tape.

Cut your transfer tape to match the size of the vinyl piece.

Take the backing off the transfer tape.

Attach the transfer tape on. Go over it with the scrapper tool so it adheres well.

Carefully pull off the vinyl backing from the transfer tape.

Lay it on your blank (the subway tile). I started from the center. GO SLOW AND SMOOTH OUT EDGES AS YOU LAY IT DOWN! This will help to prevent bubbles.

Go over it with a scraper. This will get the vinyl off of the transfer tape and on to the subway tile.

Carefully pull off the transfer tape.

Repeat with the white vinyl on top using the same process with painter’s tape.


That’s all! Wasn’t that easy?

I can’t wait to make these for my mother and mother-in-law. They are both newly minted grandmas so this will be great!

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