Graduation Mug and Grad Card [Free Cricut SVG files]

Are you looking for the perfect graduation gift to make? Graduation gifts don’t need to be expensive. This customized graduation mug and card can be made at home for less than $5. You can even add a small gift like candy or money inside the mug.

I love the versatility my Cricut gives me so I created this graduation card for the Cricut that you can download for free. It comes with a matching graduation cap that you can cut out on your Cricut. Say goodbye to the Happy Graduation Cricut Cartridge and hello to custom designs!

Demonstrated in this tutorial is a technique called reverse weeding. You will also see how to use the slice function in Cricut Design Space.

This customized mug is so easy and cost-effective, your grad will love it and can take it with them in the new chapter in their lives.

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  • My free SVG design file (available in my free resource library – get the password by filling out the form on the sidebar or below).

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If you’d rather watch a video on how to make it step by step, take a look at this video here (highly recommended!):


Grab your SVG file from the free resource library.

Unzip the file. If you do not have a program installed on your computer to unzip, I recommend 7-zip. (It’s free! Windows only)


Upload the mug designs in Cricut Design Space.

The designs are already sized for cutting but if you want to make adjustments, you can go to Templates > search for Mug and use this as a guide. These templates are guidelines only and will not show up in the final cut.

I am working with the pink design and will continue referencing that from this point.

On these designs, I’ve left the ribbon blank for customization.

First we need to ungroup the layers so we can work with the different layers.

Delete the design you are not using.

Ungroup the layers again.

Add a name by using the Text function. Select the font you’d like to use.

Resize the font to fit in the ribbon. I also made this text layer white so it is easier to see. You can do this by going to “Linetype” and changing the colour.

Select the two layers (your text layer and the ribbon layer) and slice.

When you slice, you’ll have 3 layers. (The original text layer, the “sliced” word and the ribbon with the sliced out letters.)

Delete the layers we are not using. (Text layers)

Now select all of the black layers and “Attach“. This ensures that everything will be cut proportionally as displayed. Otherwise, Cricut Design Space will attempt to rearrange them on the mat.

Do the same with the pink layers.

Now we are ready to cut it out.


Cricut Design Space will sort the mats based on colour.

Cut out your design.


Now we need to weed our vinyl. (This basically means removing the parts we don’t want to use.)

I liked to start from the corner to get the bigger piece off and then use my weeding tools to get the smaller bits.

I also reverse weeded the “2020”. Please see the Youtube video on how to do this. (Basically: You put the transfer tape on before you weed and then weed the vinyl off of that.)

If you did not reverse weed, now transfer your vinyl to your transfer tape.


Now that we have our two layers ready to go on our transfer tape, you can put them on the cup. I like to start on one side and push down the pattern using my scraper.

Tip // Because we are working with a curved surface, you can cut small slits into the transfer tape so that it applies easier.

Remove the transfer tape.

Add the second layer on top.

Because we are using permanent vinyl, a sealant isn’t required. You are more than welcome to seal with mod podge or polycrylic which will protect it longer.

NOTE: This cup is NOT microwave-safe. It is HAND WASH ONLY. (No dishwasher!)


That’s all! Doesn’t it look great?

Head over to my Youtube channel to see how to make the card and grad cap.

A quick note on the card. The most important thing to remember is to change the scoreline from CUT to SCORE. And then you need to ATTACH the scoreline to your layer. (See Youtube Video). If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below!

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