The Dear Friend Project

dearfriendprojectBack in the spring of 2011, I launched the Dear Friend Project.

It was one of the most fun and enjoyable things I did while blogging. So in 2016, I’ll be relaunching this project and will attempt to run it once every few months.


If you didn’t participate in the past or didn’t read the old post, I’ll re-tell my story.

When I was in Grade 4, I had a pen pal. We would write letters to each other even though we’d never met. With technology constantly evolving and the introduction of the internet and e-mail, the mail that I receive now is just bills and advertisements, with the occasional Christmas card (thanks mom!). Though e-mails are very efficient, nothing really beats receiving a hand written letter. The paper, the effort taken to write it, the crossed out typos and unique handwriting all add to the character and charm of the message.

So The Dear Friend Project is a project to bring back life into receiving messages the old fashion way.


The purpose of The Dear Friend project is to make new friends and have some awesome keepsakes by exchanging letters with someone you’ve never met.

I’ll open the initial entry phase for 2 weeks time. I’ll match everyone up with someone and you can exchange mailing addresses. Please send a handwritten letter to them (minimum 1 page double-spaced please). Feel free to jazz them up with stickers, washi tape, cute paper, or other PAPER items. Please send this letter out within one month of being assigned.

Every session I’ll post an optional list of prompts you can use in your letters.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form:

Sign-up is now closed! Thanks for joining us! If you’d still like to be part of this project, please follow me to hear about Summer 2016 sign-ups!

Spring 2016 Prompts (optional):

  • Introduce yourself (name, your pets, your family, your location)
  • Talk about the weather on the day you’ve written the letter and how/if it effects your day
  • List 3 interesting things about yourself
  • Include a drawing (in your letter or on a separate sheet)

Check back at this website for a link-up party so you can show off the letters you’ve sent and received! I’m looking forward to see what everyones letters look like. 🙂

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  1. Hello! I’m a mommy blogger at and i came across your article. Firstly, i sincerely would like to thank you for this! I would love to connect and get to more people. Pen Pal was also my thing way back when i was a little girl. Looking forward to get to know more people!

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