Ultimate List of Free Content for your Yoto Player

If you love your Yoto player as much as we do, you’re likely always looking for new content. While the Yoto store continues to expand with wonderful classic and new unique content, there is also tons of wonderful free content available that can be added to a Make Your Own card.

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What are Make Your Own Cards?

Yoto’s make-your-own cards are blank cards that are ready for you to link up your audio files to.

They can fit up to 100 tracks or 500 MB of audio.

I’ve shared a guide on how to make your own Yoto cards as well as how to make your own Yoto card cover stickers (using a Cricut and without)!

Yoto’s Free Content

Yoto shares a variety of it’s own free content. You can find them all in the Yoto app.

Yoto Timers

Yoto created these very useful timers to encourage kids to brush their teeth, do their homework, and clean up. They even offer images so you can make your own physical cards for them. We use the toothbrush timer daily in our house!

Yoto Sleep Radio

If you need white noise or sounds to help your little one sleep, Yoto offers a sleep radio and various sounds. You can also set your Yoto to access these through button pushes on the Yoto by customizing your Yoto buttons.

Yoto Space

Yoto has built a community website called Yoto Space.

It’s an excellent source of free Yoto and user-made content. They have things from audio files, scripts to create your own audio files, and card sticker art. Definitely check this one out!

Free Content from your Local Library

Most libraries these days have contracts with ebook and audiobook providers that you can access for free.

These books are usually on loan for 21-day periods and will automatically expire at the end of the borrowing period.

Just download the audiobook files and put them on a make-your-own card and rotate your content as your loans expire.

Free Audio Files from Authors and Publishers

Many authors offer free audio readings of their books.

Pair them up with their books and it will make for a great storytime!

Robert Munsch’s Favorite Stories

The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch)

Get classics like the Paper Bag Princess or Mud Puddle on the Robert Munsch website.

Eric Litwin Book Downloads

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Eric Litwin has done musical performances of the popular Pete the Cat series. He’s also shared free content for other books and performances like Groovy Joe and The Nutty Series.

Anne of the Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

There is a free audio version of Anne of the Green Gables on actor Mary Kate Wiles’s website.

Little Blue Truck Free Audio

Little Blue Truck

You can find downloadable printables as well as audiobooks of some of the Little Blue Truck series from the Harper Collins website. (Scroll down to the audio download section.)

The Real Mother Goose

The Real Mother Goose

You can find 52 different stories read from The Real Mother Goose on the Dover Publications Website for free.

Velveteen Rabbit and other Classics

The Velveteen Rabbit

You can find tons of free classic audiobooks like Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, and the Velveteen Rabbit at Lit2go.

MacMillian Readers

Macmillan Children's Readers

There are tons of activities and free audio files to accompany the Macmillan Children’s readers.

Tony Mitton Books

Amazing Airplanes (Amazing Machines)

For a limited time, you can get audiobooks of some of Tony Mitton’s books on the Pan Macmillan website. These are great stories about different types of vehicles and include lots of great sound effects.

World Book Day (World of Stories)

Every year World Book Day launches a World of Stories which includes different free audiobooks. Previously released titles included content from Ladybird and other authors.

Bob Books Free Audio files and Activities

BOB Books Deluxe Reader Collection

The popular Bob Books for helping your kids learn how to read include some free audio files and activities to accompany their books. The songs are super catchy and the activities are wonderful supplements.

Free Content from Podcasts

Goodnight World (Sesame Street)

This wonderful podcast featuring Sesame Street’s Elmo has a great collection of bedtime stories to relax your kids before bed.

Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr.

Featuring some of Netflix’s beloved characters like StoryBots and Ada Twist, this podcast has a great collection of bedtime stories.

Thomas and Friends Storytime

Join Thomas and Friends on different adventures in this collection of podcasts. Use this RSS link and add it to the “podcast” section of Yoto’s Make your Own app (NOT playlist).

Nosy Crow Stories Aloud

Nosy Crow is a publisher that does print books (our favourite is their Pip and Posy series) as well as multimedia apps. They share free audio readings of some of their books over on their website.

Little Stories for Tiny People

This children’s podcast has over 20 original stories for children. Use this link in your Yoto Make Your Own Podcasts tab.

Reading Bug Adventures

This podcast shares various reading adventures and original music. Some of these are over an hour long and in multiple parts!

Original Content Creators

Momma Bear Audio

A fellow Yoto-loving mom has created some awesome audio content. From original songs to activities, there is so much great free (and paid) content. You can get access to some of her free files by joining her mailing list and Facebook group.

She’s also kindly provided a discount code for her paid content. Use the code pocketwonders20 at checkout for your discount!

Broadway Junior

You can download all of the songs from the Broadway Junior musicals. They sing tons of Disney movie songs like Aladdin’s A Whole New World or Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.

Story Nory

This website is full of free audio stories with classic fairy tales from Brothers Grimm to different myths around the world.

BBC Teach Radio

This site is a gold mine of nursery rhymes, activities, games, and songs. You definitely want to give this one a look! It has hours of content here.

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